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  1. Here I go Again

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    So Youtube has announced it will force indie labels to sign a licensing agreement for their new premium subscription service. If indies do not sign the agreement, their videos will be blocked from Youtube. Umm, how bout a fuck you Youtube? You are partly who you are because of indie labels! Is the future of music purely subscription sites? Yes, some are great services, but their is no money in it for artists or labels (unless you are one of the four majors, Warner,Sony,Universal, EMI.) I see where this is going. The industry can’t figure out a profitable business plan for the digital age. This is just another way for the corporate world to cheat and steal from everyone who isn’t a major share holder. Music needs to have value and it should. There is nothing that can make you feel the way music does — give you goose bumps, make you sweat, feel free, dance, laugh, cry, love, give you energy and even just make you feel as though you’re floating away into the beauty of the track. Ok, I’m ranting a bit here, but you get the point. Buy music! Use these services but find music you like and buy it! And Youtube, if you really start removing these labels videos, we’re done.