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    What a week for Such Music and Low:r. Our release Ebb N Flow climbed the Beatport charts to #13 in the Drum and Bass releases and #85 in Beatport overall.


    Thank you for all the support and BIG UPs to the man Low:r for creating an amazing EP. #MoreToCome





  2. Fabric Closing

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    Fabric nightclub permanently lost there licenses at the hands of the Islington Counsel (the bureaucrats in charge of the area Fabric is located.) As London has lost so many music venues (over 50% of clubs, 40% live music venues) it really wasn’t a surprise. But Fabric is arguably the most famous club in the world. Music lovers need to fight back, i’m not sure how, but we must. Music is culture, fuck developing unaffordable real estate for the 1%. When are the powers that be going to do something for everyone else? Never. So lets make them, don’t they work for us?


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  3. Morah (SUCH013)

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    Some serious talent coming from the man Morah. Previews are up from his first release on Such Music “Bring Me Down Feat. Libby Holden.”


    OUT December 28th 2015 Worldwide