Surreal – Sin City

Surreal – SIN CITY

Release Date: 06/12/17 Worldwide



Such Music is celebrating HARD as we break out with our 20th release — and what

better way to party than with the return of Surreal (formally Donkai Kong). Surreal

knows how to dig deep into the sound that Such Music lives for, as he oers up two

fresh movers ready to be devoured on the dance floor (or just about anywhere you

can hit PLAY). It’s a pleasure to have Surreal back on the roster while Such Music

basks in the sunshine of making it to the big 2-0!


Leading the pace for SUCH020 is Surreal’s “Sin City.” This man shows us how to

throw it down with his masterful, bubbling bass ready to take you through a wild

night into the dark alleyways of his concrete jungle.


“Ghost Town” takes another angle. We’ve seen glimpses of it before in Surreal’s

previous release, “Track.” Except this time Surreal digs even deeper into that raw

truth you can sometimes only find in music like this: cutting edge, crisp and to the



“We just really want to thank everyone who has supported Such Music since its

debut four years ago and for our past 20 releases,” said Toomas Peters, director,

Such Music. “This is a label that runs solely on the deep respect and love we have

for Drum and Bass. It’s with the help of all of you, who are as devoted to this music

as we are, that Such Music can continue to put out releases by developing and mainstay

artists committed to showing honesty and emotion in their work. It’s from artists

like this that we will keep building our brand and contribute the Such Music

sound to this amazing scene.”





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