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Journey Within, by 4Everest, unleashes smashing drums combined with a hard yet soulful synth. Included on this release is a remix by one of DnBs finest, Utah Jazz. Journey Within, will take listeners on a quest inside themselves, bringing an original sound that focuses first on depth of emotion. Journey Within is produced by 4Everest, who is also Such Musics owner. As an artist hes known for his technical precision and willingness to step outside of whats popular now in order to push drum and bass to new and unexplored heights. The one-­and-­only Utah Jazz delivers the remix to Journey Within, bringing an added dose of soul in true Utah Jazz style. Introducing sharp, heavy drums and a smooth bassline, Utah Jazz melds his vibe seamlessly with parts from the original song. Together with the first version of Journey Within, Such Musics first release is set to take the drum and bass world by storm.






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SUCH MUSIC strives to get inside your spirit. We're not about trend. We're about delivering honest tunes with a high level of production and serious depth.

Our music will do more than just get you to the dance floor.

SUCH MUSIC is here to bring you to life.