Such Music 005
“What If”

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SUCH MUSIC’s first release of 2014 is gearing up to be a classic, delivering sweet soulfulness with a sharp edge —the sound the label is becoming known for. 4Everest’s “What If,” along with “Catch,” drop March 3.


Rolling in with warm bass and a clean, graceful lead, “What If” is a timeless 4Everest track that will clutch listeners by the heart. Bodies will sway on the dance floor to the song’s melodic vocal and crisp drums. Even though “What If” is full of emotion, the song also flows with precision and detail.


“Catch” showcases off beat, heavy drums and dirty, filtering bass. This is a song that will keep dancers at it, especially when hit with the track’s unexpected, moving vocal. Be prepared to feel the bass.






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SUCH MUSIC strives to get inside your spirit. We're not about trend. We're about delivering honest tunes with a high level of production and serious depth.

Our music will do more than just get you to the dance floor.

SUCH MUSIC is here to bring you to life.