Dub Berzerka
“Call Girl” (SUCH008)

Out of the Mannheim fog comes a manknown for destroying dance floors. Dub Berzerka made his name as a drum and bassproducer creating the kind of glorious filth you’d never want your grandma to hear —and God rest her soul if she did!


But not every producer is a one-trick pony. Appearing on Such Music for the first time, Dub Berzerka’s “Call Girl” is making big waves and showing a side of his talent fans will not have heard before. “Call Girl” is a soul-pleaser, a ticket to freedom complete with afunkadelic next level vibe.


But don’t be afraid, dear listeners, of this Dub Berzerka ride like none before. His second track, Anibus, will drop you on a cloud of smoke blown out of God’s nostrils after a deep bong hit of liquid bass.


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