4Everest – Iris


A. Iris

AA. Dig In

Such Music Records

Release Date: January 2 2017


Digital Release – Worldwide


Starting the New Year o correct, 4Everest returns to Such Music bursting with vibes — and if serious sound is any indication, his two new tracks are proof 2017 is going to be a epic for Such Music.


The title track on 4Everest’s new single,“Iris,” is a deep one. Clever sampling mingles with an edgy bassline to bring together this song’s smoothness. Layers of emotion pour through this track as it glides along with cool serenity. We love the sweet sound 4Everest brings to the Such Music camp.


“Dig In” is a straight up stepper bringing us back to the late 90’s. Slowly evolving synths, eerie atmospheres and rock solid drums bring a unique sound. Hold on to your glow sticks kids, when “Dig In” drops your feet better be glued to the dance floor.


4Everest (Toomas Peters), formally known as eVerest, is a producer/Dj currently living in Toronto, Canada.





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