Vinyl Sales Up?

August 15, 2013

With so many question about making a living in the current music biz, it’s nice to see vinyl sales are up around 30% so far in 2013. Any news of an increase in sales is good for the industry. I guess the question is are any of these sales from dance music records? I fear they are not. Most of the recent boost in vinyl sales are coming from great marketing, packaging and consumers who want to hold a physical product. Back in the day mostly DJ’s would buy dance music (House, techno, DnB etc) vinyl.  Now the majority of DJ’s use CDJs, Serato, some other form of controller, or even worse, pressing play in Ableton (lazy bastards). We are seeing less labels releasing vinyl because they are not selling. Check out DJ Hypes interview about his label Playaz choice to stop selling vinyl.




Some people probably think it’s strange I’m always talking about vinyl yet Such Music is a digital only label. First, stop being a prick and judging me (lol). Second is, one of my favorite hobbies is vinyl shopping. Before CDJ’s, going to the local record shop and checking out all the new DnB releases was the best. I would rush home and spin for hours. Also, buying old vinyl for listening and sampling is a love of mine still to this day.


I see Such Music releasing vinyl in the future, maybe once a year or every release (depending on how things go). I think the bottom line is, if you love music, buy it!


Few other article about Vinyl Sales:


NY Times

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PS, I don’t even want to start on the whole subscription based sites (Pandora, Spotify) debate. I’ll save that for another day.





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