Up, Up, Down, Up

May 27, 2013

Up, up, down, up.


It’s been quiet since Friday and here’s why.




Such Music had a massive week last week with our first release SM001 and my first gig in LA @Respect featuring the legend Utah Jazz!


The show was amazing. I opened the night and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it.  I got to test out some new Such Music dubs and upcoming releases. Everything went off great!!


Next up was Scooba who played an awesome set more on the liquid tip prepping the crowd for the “soul prince,” Utah Jazz. Sick set Scooba!


Then the legend Luke “Utah Jazz” stepped up to the decks.  Utah brought his classic soul sound with tight mixing an incredible vibe! The dance floor was packed and loving it! Too much Vodka for me made the end of the night a bit blurry for me (lol), but it was still an incredible night of music.  Big thanks to Rob Machete and the RESPECT crew for having me out! And shout out to Kemst for holding the MIC down proper!







I Woke up Friday morning feeling good, a little hung over but happy!  The plan was to go to Zuma beach and enjoy my upcoming four-day weekend (majorly needed). The four of us — Candice (wife), Kari (sister-in-law) Luke (Utah Jazz) and myself — piled into the car and headed north to Zuma. It was my first beach day of the year and we were all loving life. Luke and I got into the water and were enjoying the waves, which were a good size.  I ran out, grabbed my boogie board and caught a few waves (Beautiful).




I saw a big wave coming and caught it a little late. The wave broke on me and smashed me into the sand. I knew something was wrong but luckily I could stand. I crawled out of the water and collapsed on the sand. Luke came over and asked if I was ok, I said I needed a few minutes. I got up and we went over to the girls. I wasn’t sure what was wrong but my neck was killing and my hand was numb. Candice insisted we go see the lifeguards (always listen to your wife). As soon as we saw them they stabilized my neck and called an ambulance. All I could think about is I ruined our beautiful day on the beach.  We got to the hospital and we were all joking around. I was 100% sure all I had was whiplash.  I Did a CT scan, the operator came back in and said “There is an issue, do not move your head or neck”. Everything changed at this point (no more jokes). The doctor told me I had fractured my C7 vertebrae in my neck. They needed to do an MRI to see if emergency surgery was needed. Shit got real fast. I did the MRI and waited for about 1.5 hours until the doctor gave the news. This was one of the longest 1.5 hrs in my life. Luckily, Candice, Kari and Luke were at my side the whole time. They are the best and I couldn’t have been more grateful having them there. The doctor came in and said “ I spoke with the neurosurgeon and you are a very lucky man.” “No bruising, swelling or nerve damage”. What a fucking relief! We all were so happy and grateful for the news.




To think about what could have happened is a terrifying thought. All I can think about is how grateful I am that I could walk out of there with only a neck brace and a vicodin prescription.


Whoever is up there, (angels, God, inter-dimensional beings) thank you! I love you long time!!


I’m good now, tired and can’t move my head much but damn good!


Life changes in a split second. So when you hear people say enjoy it while you can, they most likely have had a similar experience or worse.


Love you all and thanks for the continued support.































  1. Still looking good Tom!!

    Devin Kinasz

    May 27, 2013

  2. Never fool with Mother Nature! Take great care of yourself. Love ya. xxx

    Wendy Peters

    May 28, 2013

  3. What a scary situation, I am glad you are ok, take care of yourself :-)!


    May 28, 2013

  4. LOVE the shirt!!


    June 7, 2013

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