The Art of Sampling 1

July 2, 2013

There are a lot of music production tutorials all over YouTube. I recently came across a great tutorial from LSB on the making of his track “Overthinking.” I blogged about this track previously and wanted to mention the tutorial as well.


This tutorial is different than a lot of other dance music tutorial’s out there. LSB focuses more on the art of sampling instead of “how to make a phat snare drum” for example. I haven’t come across a lot of videos that give you some idea of how to be creative with samples. From experience, I’ve always found it exciting when you find that one sample you can build a whole track from. One thing I’ve always found frustrating about sampling is keeping things in tune. When you time stretch a sample, generally you will affect its pitch. LSB briefly mentions micro tuning samples (which is a must in many cases). But tuning can get crazy when you find only one section/note of the sample is out of tune.


This brings up an interesting topic on acoustic music (played instruments, guitar, piano, bass etc.) vs. electronic music. Electronic music is pretty much absent of one human element — the element of imperfection. Digital music is perfectly on time and in tune, whereas back in the day instruments could be slightly out of tune. Also, musicians could be off time and even recording process (2 inch tape etc.) would affect things like tempo and pitch. It’s not really an argument I care to get into as I love both forms of music equally, but I’m sure many people would argue to the death that one form is better than the other.


Getting back to sampling though, the point I’m trying to make is that if you can’t find the right note to follow a sample, you will most likely need to tune the sample.  Don’t be afraid to tune the sample instead of always trying to find a note that will fit it.


Check out this tutorial and get creative! I find a lot of the demo’s I’m sent are missing something important – creativity.






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