Production tips – Logic’s Marquee Tool

August 1, 2013

So I’m going to start posting some music production tips on here. My plan is to post quick simple tips from multiple producers on multiple DAW’s and also include some from myself.


Here’s production tip #1 coming from yours truly:


Logic’s Marquee Tool


In logic, beside the cursor, I use the marquee tool the most. It has multiple functions all related to selecting (Audio, Midi, Automation etc). I use the marquee tool a lot when arranging. You can roll out an entire track and then use the tool to start muting, deleting or copying. Next thing you know your track has turned into a full arrangement. Another great thing about the marquee tool is the ability to highlight full sections of your track and mute them. This is great for creative edits or simplified workflows.


I was going to put a bunch of screenshots up, but this YouTube video covers most of it.




Big ups!



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