Producer Factory

June 12, 2013

I just saw a post from Bailey about a company called Producer Factory. At first I thought it was a joke, but it looks real. Get this shit: You buy a track from the site and brand it as your own:


Producer Factory website

“Producer Factory is a newly developed idea that allows you to purchase any tracks on this site exclusively, and sell it as your own. Create a new professional image or just rise above the rest with our high quality productions by well-known artists. We offer nothing less than the best and assure your fans approval.”


Are you fucking kidding me? Isn’t the world filled with too many phonies already? If you want to make music, make it, learn your craft and make whatever’s inside you. Lazy sacks!


I’m thinking out loud here… So if you buy a track from PF and someone asks you if you made the track, do you lie? Yes you own the rights but you did not make it. And what if you sign that track to a label and state its your’s, and then the label asks for the parts to do a remix?  Good luck!


I’m kind of interested in speaking to someone who has or would sign up for this service. If you know anyone, pass them my way.  I’d love to interview him/her.  Who knows, maybe im missing something? (Fuck that!)


Sorry for a ll the swearing but it happens.






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