Mixed Signals

October 17, 2013

Well, sorry anyone who has or will put out an album in 2013. Frederic Robinson has crushed your hope for Album of the Year with his album called “Mixed Signals.”


Let’s look at his first track called “Theme Park.”  This track gives you a great idea of the clever madness that is Frederic Robinson.



“Theme Park” is a perfect name to describe this tune as listening to it has my senses going 500mph. How Robinson blends SO many elements is mind blowing!  Still, it all fits together perfectly.


Then there’s this beautiful track, ” Vamp Till Ready.” So fucking original! You never know what’s around the corner.



I love how Robinson mixes really organic sounds with all types of electronic elements.  Hello “Particles.”  Nice to meet you!



Ok last one and then you MUST go buy this album. Shit gets deep with “Bloom feat. Stray.” Such a creative piece of music. How they use the vocal sample throughout the track is perfect. So much is happening but it sounds so fluid. This is extremely hard to pull off — and I’m not talking about lame Complextro or whatever it’s called lol.



All in all I think I have to give this album  9.5/10. This is someone doing there own thing and fucking nailing it. I haven’t heard something so original and fresh in Electronic music in a long time. I see big things for Mr. Robinson in the near future, but no rush (he’s only twenty one).


Buy his Album “Mixed Signals”   HERE (itunes)     HERE (beatport)







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