From the Cradle to the Rave

May 8, 2013

So I’m starting a few ongoing blog topics. This series is called “From the cradle to the Rave.” Here I’ll share small stories about my early raving years (before “EDM” or whatever the fuck it's called now).


So let’s start at the beginning:


My first rave was actually delayed considering I’d been listening to jungle/DnB for a couple years already. Then on September 7th, 1996 (my 16th B-Day) came “Ground Zero,” Syrous’ 3rd year anniversary. For people that aren't familiar with Syrous, they were the first major jungle/DnB promoters in Toronto. Funny enough I would end up working for them a few years later, but that’s another post.


After having a wonderful dinner with my family, I went to my friend Twink’s house to get ready. We had a ritual before raving called OC (Over Cologne). We did this so we wouldn’t end up being one of those ravers at the party who reeked of BO (you know who you are, take a shower!). So after our OC we got our pre-rolls ready and then we hopped into my buddy Larse’s famous old Sab (I think he drove).


I remember calling the info line to find out where the rave was (yes that's what you did back then). The rave ended up being in an empty flea market in Toronto's West End and the party was nuts:  Andy C , Darren J, Stevie Hyper D and special guest: MCMC. What a night! Hearing and feeling the song “Truly One's” bassline rocked my core . I'd never heard bass like that before — it practically picked me up and threw my little 16 year old body across the flea market. This bass changed me. It was one of those defining moments for me, the kind you remember (unless you forget). AND, it's still the best Mcing I have ever seen. Stevie Hyper D and MCMC worked together on the mic like they were one person. I remember watching them with Andy C in the background (looking the same age as I was) and thinking this is the fucking coolest thing I’ve ever seen (fuck concerts, I’m a raver). Little did I know, 17 years later I’d still be balls deep in drum and bass. Needless to say, I’m still crushed there was no tape recording from that party.


That night I burned out a little early. I remember Stickbubbly waking me up in some weird room in the flea market (lol). Unfortunately this was one of the last true underground raves (at least for dnb), but I’m still grateful I was able to experience that type of party where there was this amazing feeling of community. It’s something I’ve rarely felt at any other rave, club or EDM dubstep trap hipster party since.

Thanks Syrous!!




  1. now that was a serious jam! i dont rmember too too much at this point but i know it was awesome. For some reason i thought MC MC was at the first event you went to? what rave was that one? ez


    May 9, 2013

  2. THAT WAS The party. MCMC was the special guest. Him and Stevie Hyper D back to back was the greatest!

    Toomas Peters

    May 10, 2013

  3. Great intro report to an epic adventure in the Toronto 90's jungle/d'n'b scene. That saab definitely put on some miles when commuting our asses from Oc'ing to destination unknown. I remember my first party was actually Better Days 3 x year where some chick got pulled out of the line-up by her parents when we were quickly hitting our peak upon entering the abyss. There was only a small crazyjungle room and it hit me like a brick wall that this was something to venture more into. and now, even though I only go to big parties occasionally, I listen to jungle/drum'n'bass every single day without fail. It's an infection that ain't going away. Keep up the blog my man.., it's good to know those times were paving a golden path that many have now come to follow. :)

    Larse "the saab driver"

    May 12, 2013




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