From the Cradle to the Rave 2

June 26, 2013

Sept 20th 1997- Syrous 4-year anniversary “Reinforced”


I’d been raving for a solid year and the biggest Jungle/DnB DJ of that time was Mickey Finn. He had yet to make it to Toronto after multiple attempts trying to get into the country. The rumors about this party were that he would actually make in to Toronto this time and the rumors turned out to be right.


So how did I get to the rave that night? I didn’t get my driver’s licensee until I was 19, but this did not stop me from driving. I took an auto mechanic class in high school and used to bring my Mom’s car into the shop for minor repairs. These repairs would take a day, but I would tell my parents the car was needed for a week. This gave me access to a car for days. Yes, I’m a genius!


My parents happened to be going away the weekend of this rave and the car was already in the shop (or parked around the corner) lol! “Bye Mommy and Daddy, I’ll be a good boy.” They left for the weekend and the plan was in action. I didn’t want to drive from Oakville to Toronto as I had no license and really didn’t know how to drive very well. I asked a friend (Lana) to drive. That Saturday we piled into the 4-door Honda civic hatchback (one person in the open trunk) and headed downtown. The party was at PRM (Koolhouse). We parked under the highway with a few other cars and entered the complex.


This rave was massive, 3000 plus people. The vibe was intense and the venue was packed. When Mickey Finn came on, I’d never heard a crowd yell, scream, whistle and horn blow so loud.


There is a recording of Mickeys set and it sounds pretty awesome. One thing I’ll never forget is being overwhelmed by everything and retreating by myself to the back of the venue. I stood against the wall and tried not to go into system overload. A security guard came up to me and asked if I was all right. I told him I was overwhelmed and he just started shooting the shit with me and it totally calmed me down. Thanks security dude! You’re a good man and that is rare in your line of work.


Around 7am we left the rave and went to find the car. It took a bit to find it and we all noticed no cars were parking under the highway. We turned a corner and there it was, the only car in a highly illegal parking spot. Wow, we were fucking lucky. We got home with out issue and slept the rest of the Sunday until school Monday morning.


This was one crazy night. Mickey Finn’s set was epic and MC GQ rocked the crowd. I knew then this would always be a night to remember.








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