Hailing from Darmstadt/Germany, Kai Rappold  Surreal (Formally Donkai Kong) is a Drum & Bass DJ and Producer with a story to listen to.


Kai has been a residency DJ with Lucky Raves since 2010. Also joining the Drum&Bass-Crew Schnell&Primitiv which host Drum&Bass Parties with such acts as Rowney & Propz, Maldini, Modified Motion, Dub Zero etc.


Inspired by the music and nightlife, Surreal started making his own tracks in the beginning of 2012. His first EP, “The Tonight” came out in February of 2014 on Druid Records. Since then Kai is producing more than ever, releasing new EP’s, singles and remixes (for producers such as Proton Kid) for Druid Records, New Progress LTD, Celsius and Such Music.


Surreal’s first release Such Music release “Endless Summer” is a perfect summer time roller. It blends beautiful, filtering strings with perfect piano stabs while hitting you with some heavy bass. (Did someone say festival time?). It’s also an extremely well put together track from top to bottom. As they say “less is more.” “Endless Summer” uses a simple arrangement that fits all the components together in nice neat package.


“There’s that particular monument before you open an email sent by a stranger with a couple of tracks attached. It can be the best of times or the worst of times,” said Toomas Peters, owner, Such Music. “Thankfully when I opened Kai’s email there was something about his tracks to get excited about.”


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