Djing since 1996, Peter Costigan AKA Stickbubbly has been a well-known name throughout the Toronto underground music community for many years. Originally playing drums and guitar in live bands as a teenager, he developed the skills to write music, which eventually led him to produce his songs in 2005. Since then he’s never looked back.


With his electronic music roots in jungle/drum and bass, he has quickly established himself as one of the hottest Canadian producers/dj’s in the scene, sharing the stage with such acts as Micky Finn, Flux Pavillion, Rusko, Benga, Crissy Criss and many more. Recipient of the 2009 Toronto Drum and Bass Award for Best Breakthrough Producer, Stickbubbly has had the opportunity to remix, and have his songs remixed by, big name artists such as Kenny Ken and Majistrate.


With Stickbubbly’s unique sound now dubbed the “Bubbly Sound,” he has diversified as a producer/dj, branching out into various other genres such as drum step and dub step. Touring Canada and the U.S., he continues to promote his releases on Bassick Recordings (U.K.), Betamorph (U.S.), Dirty Digital (U.S.), Direct Recordings (U.K.), Mix ‘n’ Blen’ (U.K.) and Such Music — with releases debuting in 2013!


Stickbubbly is a massive underground favorite destined to be a legendary talent known for consistently creating original, fresh tunes for the masses.


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