Dub Berzerka


Out of the Mannheim fog comes a man known for destroying dance floors. Dub Berzerka made his name as a drum and bass producer creating the kind of glorious filth you’d never want your grandma to hear — and God rest her soul if she did!


But not every producer is a one-trick pony.  When appearing on Such Music for the first time, Dub Berzerka’s “Call Girl” made big waves and showed a side of his talent fans will not have heard before. “Call Girl” is a soul-pleaser, a ticket to freedom complete with a funkadelic vibe.


Back for his second Such Music release is the mighty Dub Berzerka. Dub Berzerka molds his talent for destroying dance floors with his high impact jump-up, to create smooth, beautiful, liquid Drum and Bass for Such Music.


Dub Berzerka is a Dj / Producer from Mannheim Germany. In cooperation with Phlex, Dub Berzerka started the label Hooverbass Rec. in 2011. You can check them out at @hooverbassrecordings!





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