4Everest (Toomas Peters), formally known as eVerest, is a producer/Dj living in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, 4Everest’s love for drum and bass began in 1994, after hearing his first mix tape featuring the one and only DJ Rap and MCMC. Then came his first rave, headlined by Andy C, Darren J and the late, legendary Stevie Hyper D, and he was hooked for life. In those early days, 4Everest promoted for the famous Lifeforce Industries before starting to Dj and produce.


As a DJ, 4Everest hosted two different weekly’s in Vancouver and played at various clubs throughout Van City. He later joined The Business in Toronto, playing at various venues in T.O. and the surrounding GTA. But production is 4Everest’s first passion. He is a graduate of Columbia Academy, a digital and recording arts school in Vancouver. Since graduating he has gone on to produce numerous tracks, win first runner-up in Knowledge Magazine’s unsigned artist’s competition, and has worked with other well known artists, like “soul prince” Utah Jazz — providing additional mixdown support on Utah Jazz’s latest album, Groove Therapy.


Now living in LA, 4Everest is the brains behind Such Music. Passionate about contributing quality music to the drum and bass community, at Such Music you can look forward to future releases produced by 4EVerest and other top-notch artists. 4EVEREST’s first Such Music release (SM001), called “Journey Within,” is a trip inside yourself. You won’t want to miss the soulful remix either, produced by the legend, Utah Jazz.



Photo: BMA http://www.thebasscollective.com/




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